MIOT Chennai Horror Story [Dr PVA Mohandas]

Guest Post by Rick [UK]

My Experience at MIOT Hospital,Chennai, India

I live in the US. I came to India for avacation and I happened to have an accident. I had a herniated disc. I heard from some of my friends in India that MIOT is a pretty good orthopedic hospital and so I decided to go there.

Day 1: I met Dr.P.V.A. Mohandas; they said everyone has to meet this Doc irrespective of what the problem is. I entered the hospital and I felt an air of rudeness everywhere. I was about to pay consultation fees and I handed over my credit card. The lady at the counter kept on talking to someone over the phone and I was waiting there for 10 minutes. I was let inside the main hospital after the security verified I paid the bill!

I was waiting for 2 hours to see the doctor during when I saw a patient from UK hurling abuses at the hospital. I should have realized by then but unfortunately I didn’t.

Then I went inside, the doctor asked what my problem was and I gave him the history including my previous treatments. He literally shouted at me not to tell him about my previous treatments and just tell what theproblem is. He asked me to take the MRI and CT scans sand some blood tests. He charged me more because I came from America!

They said the blood test results will come out in 4 days. The security fixed my appointment at 10.30 AM on Saturday.

Day 2:

I came after 4 days and they said the doc will leave in 15 minutes for a conference and I have to go see him soon. They said they can’t let me in without the lab test results. I went to the lab and asked them the results and they were searching my report for almost 10 minutes. I panicked because I wanted to see the doc badly before he leaves and so was arguing with them. They said I need to learn some patience and good manners. I was shocked with that especially because the staff people do not even look like high school graduates, they are asked to that job because the hospital can pay them less. I work as an IT manager in the US with a masters degree in Computer Engineering and I was not able to tolerate these uneducated prople talking to me like that!

I was arguing with these lab technicians for some more time and this doctor happened to leave for the conference and so he came out.

He saw us there arguing and he shouted at me and my father for fighting in the hospital and he called the security guards to throw us out of the hospital. I told him it was not my fault but he didn’t listen to me. I asked him to reimburse the money I spent there. He said he cannot do that. I shouted back at him and he was standing there like an idiot. I said I will go to the court to have the money reimbursed. Unfortunately I will leave the country in a couple of days.

My only advice to people in India and foreigners is never go to MIOT hospital in Chennai, India.They might even kill you. They are dangerous people over there.

God save India from such hospitals!

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51 Responses to “MIOT Chennai Horror Story [Dr PVA Mohandas]”

  1. chapter18 Says:

    Sorry to know that you had such a bad experience. It’s always believed that Chennai offers the best medical care in India!


  2. Sivaram Says:

    I strongly agree with you. Even I had a similar experience. I feel shamed to reveal it here. He is running the hospital may be with some political support. Worst Hospital. Mohan doss is a living devil.
    He lives by sucking patients blood in terms of money.

    ******* NEVER GO TO MIOT HOSPITAL *********


    I strongly agree with you that Dr.P.V.A. Mohandas is the rudest doctor i have ever met. I worked in this hospital and I know the way he treats the Indian patients and the foreigners. He is just surviving with political influence. CHEIF as he loves to be called runs the hospital like a prison – he is the warden and his patients are prisoners. You overseas patients have money…its the poor Indian patients that i really feel for…these people sell all they own to pay this devil his dues. All he wants is money. When money walks even shit can talk and Mohandas is all shit. He managed to find favour with a few good doctors to do alll the hard work for him and he lives on their fame. I say if they have some brains they will go and work in places that treat patients well and where they will be pleased with the profession they are doing. MIOT hospital has all the political backing it can get, so it will never close down unless the patients try to go to different hospitals. His wife is the chairman for this hospital and she also plays the same game with him. Mr and Mrs CHIEF once operated on the wrong leg of this indian patient. Here again it was all covered up because it was some poor soul Indian with not much finances.

    P.S. It might be better if you can get this website working in such a way that if any one googles MIOT your FEEDBACK website should be the first one that pops-up on the screen.

    • Divya Says:

      I too experienced the same thing in Miot, i had a spine surgery on a wrong disc, and i got the same problm after 1 year.. they collected all my old report and never gave that back to us. And on new report the have mentioned as if this is the first time i under went surgery.

  4. Mohamed Safeek Says:

    MIOT hospital sucks. My mother was admitted in MIOT for bypass surgery. We chose the package for rs.185000 (operation charges + a normal single room charge). They told us after operation patient will be kept in ICU for monitoring purpose for 3 days. Then she will be shifted to normal room and will be there for 7 days. But the very next day after operation they shifted my mom to a room (super deluxe as the normal room as per our package was full) saying that new patients are coming to ICU. They did not monitor anything in that room. Then after 3 days one night at 10:30PM after my mom took her medicines and slept, suddenly two nurses came and told that they are shifting us to a normal room as per our package. I argued with them to shift her at morning but they insisted that another patient is coming to that room. We had to pack our things and had to shift. There is no courtesy, empathy, kindness or anything in the staff nurses or the securities. Staff behaviour is very rude and looks under educated. They provide water bottle everyday. On the day of discharge (they told it will take up to evening 4 or 5) by afternoon i went to get water bottle at the nurses station as there was no water left in room. The nurse told me coolly that they wont provide water bottle on the day of discharge and we have to buy it from outside. Very bad treatment.

  5. Mohamed Safeek Says:

    Only one person is allowed to be with the patient right from admission to discharge. We came from Trichy city and my brother, my mother and i went for admission. But the security told only one person will be allowed with the patient. So i was standing outside with the bags containing clothes and things needed. Many were waiting like that outside. Suddenly a doctor (as per his costume) came outside and shouted at all of us waiting outside to get out of the hospital campus. He told us to go and wait in the main road. One of us protested and the doctor grabbed the protested man’s arm and pushed him aside. Then the security took him outside. Very bad behaviour.

  6. Mohamed Safeek Says:

    My mom had heart attack and we admitted her at apollo first med hospital, chennai. The gave initial treatment and took angio. They cared great. Very kind approach and very neat staff and food. But looking for a cheaper operation package (apollo 2.5 lakhs & miot 1.85 lakhs) and for the good name of the doctor mr.bashi we admitted her in miot. After discharge we were hurt and had to scold ourselves for the wrong decision.

  7. Mohamed Safeek Says:

    About food:
    The food they provide in miot is not up to the mark and milk is full of water. They will provide chutney (a south indian salad for dish usually in flavours of coconut and tomato) for the dish which will be spoiled (expired) and foul smell will come. Food wont be fresh and hot. It will be old and cold.

  8. Mohamed Safeek Says:

    About the pass:
    After admission two passes would be given. One for the attender and another for visitor. My mom was admitted directly to ICU and they did not give any pass (we did not know about the pass details as we were new) there in the doctor’s office (called dr.bashi’s office) where the admission was made. Then they told us to get ready blood donors and give blood at the blood bank situated at ground floor. Two donors came and as i was guiding them to the blood bank a security at the steps stopped us and asked for attendant pass and blood bank pass (if you want to go to blood bank you need to get pass for that much members). I told that i dont have any pass. I was told to get pass at the admissions section. I went there and asked about it. They told that a pass would be given at the time of admission. I told them none was given to me. They told me to ask at the doctor’s office. So i went upstairs and asked them. They told that the admission section will give me a ICU pass as she is admitted in ICU and they gave a MR number (patient number). Then again i went down to admission section and asked them the pass mentioning the MR number. But again they gave the same reply and sent me back. This time after arguing at the doctor’s office they called the admission section and warned them to give a pass. Then only i got an attendant pass and blood bank pass from the admission section and they gave it to with full anger. Very bad treatment and i was hurt very much.

  9. Colin Barnes Says:

    When I read about someones experience with the M.I.O.T. I wondered if the Englishman they heard shouting in the office area could have been myself but the dates are wrong I was there in 2006 for double hip resurfacing
    and got into a terrible row with them over money. They had quoted me in US dollars and were now demanding payment in Rupees 440,000.00 of them and here I am in a strange land with no idea of the exchange values and they would not listen so we argued strongly. I finally was able to confirm the exchange and made payment for both hips, however after the first hip was done Dr Mohundas came shouting into the recovery area demanding that I not be allowed to put weight on that leg for 5 days but as anyone familiar with Hip replacement are aware that patients are always made to bear weight the same day or the next so I became very concerned but the Dr would only say , we are erring on the side of caution, only 3 months ago I found out the real reason was that the implant that he used was the now recalled DuPuy ASR prosthesis. It has failed on two counts
    1 the glue used was not setting up right and the socket would come loose, this is what he was guarding against with me, so he new these hips were a problem in 2006 but they were not recalled until Aug 2010.
    2 the ASR is a metal on metal design and the two surfaces have been abrading depositing Cobalt and Chrome onto the surrounding tissue causing necrosis inflammation and a lot of pain also entering the blood stream with effects such as Hyperthyroidism, Tinnitus, numbness of the extremities amongst others Google DuPuy Hip recall.
    As a consequence of this I could not have the second hip done, thank goodness in hindsight, as I was scheduled for 5 days from the first surgery and would not have walked on the first hip and no walking on the second one for a further 5 days you can imagine my state of mind. I cancelled the second procedure and asked for a refund of 220,000.00
    Rupees but for it to be in US or Canadian Dollars as the Rupee was not an exchangeable currency in Canada at that time and they refused so we got into another blazing row and finally the Lady Chairman( a most charming woman ) came down with $5,000.00 in cash, which we had to carry about our person back to Canada. I could go on about many other broken promises but will stop here with one last comment,
    Dr Mohundas or Chief as he likes to be called is a man used to being obeyed at all times without question and this does not sit well with many outside people these days, I sort of knew there would be trouble when I reached my room and there was a sign on the side table that said roughly “Do not ask questions of Dr Mohundas all questions must be directed through the nursing staff and will be forwarded the Prof. Dr. in due course.”
    I would like to sue him on the grounds that I believe he knowingly implanted a defective product in my body but it very difficult to do this in India.

  10. Nikhil Says:

    I heard a lot about Dr. Mohandas of MIOT hospital from my uncle who lives in kolkata. My dad need to undergo hip replacement surgery. Is it safe to do it in MIOT chennai or Apollo. Please suggest ?

  11. Raj Kumar Says:

    @Nikhil I would suggest to not go for MIOT, it is one of the worst hospital in Chennai. You can go for Apollo, much better.

    MIOT sucks your money like leech does to your body, sucking blood out of your body. The worst hospital in India is MIOT Hospital.

  12. roy Says:

    whoever you are, after reading completely your story, it is obvious that you are a kind of person who blames everybody for evrything. is there any hospital in US you can shout and be treated honourably? do you think you are the only person in that hospital of that stature to be concentrated only upon? were you in an emergency that the hospital staff overlooked you and given importance to others? you were made to wait only for few hours and if you cannot do that you would have chosen another hospital or some other doctor. in the first place you did not prefer the doctor, then why did you bother if the doctor was there for only 10 minutes or so? your arrogant behavior was tought a lesson so that you need no more teachings further.

  13. babu Sam Says:

    sorry to hurt those people who have had treatment in miot. this guy is the MCI (MEDICAL COUNCIL OF INDIA) member no one can do anything but god will punish the greedy. dont worry

  14. marshal Says:

    Is he the same Dr. Mohandas who studied in pataliputra medical college & hospital ,dhanbad then Bihar now Jharkhand in the years 1974 to 1979. then i know him .

  15. anuradha Says:

    Most hospitals and the staff in India show similar behavior. We need to enhance our soft skills and the doctors need to have more peoples skills. One cannot expect sick people to be reasonable. We should expect them to be stressed and the handlling of these should be the main area of support and patient care that the administrators need to learn. Also, these people are standing in the way of the country’s progress and they need to be ticked off. Hospital administrators should see to it that patients and their realatives are not traumatised

  16. Rajeev Ramankutty Says:

    Unfortunate to hear the story. No hospital either in India or anywhere in the word should behave such a way I heard from you. They should provide such a good feeling and homely welcome to all patients to show the hospitality. I heard good comments about Dr.bashe from many of my friends who went for open heart surgery. Anyhow dr. mohandas’s behaviour may spoil the reputation of the hospital. Regards,

  17. arun Says:

    MIOT is the worst Place to go. Whenn wife was admitted in the hospital they forget to check her blood sugar which turned to be issue at the time of out first bay delivery

    Food: is the Worst
    Billing: Sky high
    Hospital Staff: I belive all are uneducated
    Doctors: Complete idoits. No idea what they are doing

    Final comment: PLS AVOID THIS HOSPITAL

  18. Emoh mercy Says:

    People can say unimaginable.moit is the best hospital ever,I don’t know why poeple like criticizing good thing.one of my friend that travelled to moit hospital keeps saying good of them and am even preparing to travel there.

  19. abadi.. Says:

    I have been there 4times .. and did two operations for my mother …

    hospital is good.

    sucking money from overseas pationts yah you are right…

    dr. mohadas is good man really.

  20. Jeff Says:

    The person who wrote this review is wrong. He tried to yell at and bully staff that were trying to do their job. Then, he mentions his degree, thinking that makes it okay for him to yell at young employees who were trying to help. I actually am an IT manager in the US … This guy is a loser!

  21. nambi007 Says:

    I’m from Australia. My dad had a full knee replacement at MIOT in year 2010 since then he never recovered, which caused him to go through serious Psychological depression and nervous disorders, now he is no more.

    The way I am seeing MIOT hospital and MOHANDAS from my experience “FULL OF FAKE PROMISES” and group of CHEAP people who lives in others hard earn money. One thing I noticed Irrelatively of patient’s finical background MIOT still tries to steal their money by name of poor fake treatments.

    If you see in MIOT hospital walls slogan says, “WE put PATIENT FIRST” actually what they meant “We STEAL PATIENT MONEY FIRST”. In India anything possible this is the reason people like Mohandas running hospital or organization to rob poor or ignorant people.

    My advice to people – DON’t GO THERE, if you still decide to go there DON”T expects to treat you as a human being and please be aware you might end with leaving your family behind LONG…… debts and hurdles.

    I would ask Indian authorities to gauge MIOT hospital and Mohandas standards and even his qualifications whether he is a genuine doctor. What’s the Hospital turnover; I am strongly believe he does not even pay proper TAX for hospital’s yearly turnover.
    Guys, Please be aware most of the Indian doctors from India saying return from UK or USA , have overseas qualifications or certifications and experiences these all trick innocent people to trap or set prey for them.

    Honestly I have seen many Indian doctors in western world, driving taxis to earn money to qualify medical exams to prove their qualifications from India and knowledge are equivalent to local medical system, and However Most of the cases Indian doctor can’t even qualify and will return to India. Who qualified still do ONLY night shifts at Local hospitals or remote isolated hospitals where crime rate is very high as good local doctors do not want to do Night shifts or go to remote sites.

    Can you see how poor Indian doctors are treated in western world? This’ what they deserve.

    God bless Indian doctors and corrupted politicians!!!!!

  22. Dravesh Priyadarshi Says:

    So finally, I need a Total Hip Replacement. Shall I go to MIOT or Max Hospital, Delhi. Dr S K S Marya?

    • Vinoth Mahadevan Says:

      Go for apollo speciallity care, they may charge 50-75k more than what MIOT quoted, but for sure you would get great treatment. Meet Mr Suresh Babu in Apollo Speciality, he is a good man.

  23. Srinath Says:

    Mohandas is a fucking asshole.
    He luks and behaves like a guerrilla
    He will have to answer to GOD for all his bad deeds.

  24. Srinath Says:

    MIOT is not a hospital – It is a big mortuary.
    Pls don’t go there.
    The management and 98% of doctors are frauds.

  25. Lostsoul Says:

    We lost our mother last month at MIOT Hospitals Chennai. If I were to give any advice, I would strongly suggest that patients go elsewhere. While the hospital looks great outside with some well qualified doctors, it is also home to doctors like Dr Subramaniam of the Gastrointestinal surgical unit. He should be shot in his head for his lack of empathy and reckless behaviour with patients. Another person of particular disgust is Sister Gracie who works at the gastro intestinal ward on the third floor. The most rude and unfriendly woman. Why she is even given the job there is a surprise to me. If Dr Mohandas takes the time to read responses, he really should look at his staffing policy!

    A No No to MIOT!

    Lost without a mother

  26. Kal Ai Says:

    Hi Peepz,

    I really wish I had goggled for miot hospital’s quality of care before flying my mother there for treatment.
    I’m seeing this blog just a bit too late.
    I’ve had the exact same situation as Rick, friends in India recommended MIOT and I flew my mother who has an dislocated disc / failed lower back from Malaysia to Chennai for surgery.
    We met Dr PV Mohandas who fixed the surgery fees in USD and later we requested for INR payment terms. He was clearly unhappy and after that what we faced was rude treatment, inefficient staffs, long waiting. She was fed with stale oat right after her surgery.
    Fortunately my mother returned to us alive but she endured hell and now she is facing great pain … the surgery was a failure.
    MIOT is just a private hospital that operates for profit, no excellence. NEVER GO TO MIOT.

  27. mmmm Says:

    my managers suggested for miot it sucks your blood and fuck our managers who suggested for miot and a big fuck to this hospital

  28. kishore Says:

    mr mmmm absouletely your right

  29. Rajesh Says:

    Was thinking to go for consultation for hip replacement, but after reading this blog I am confused.
    Can someone please suggest me some good orthopedic hospitals in south India. Thanks in advance.

    • nambi007 Says:

      Hey mate, you are taking serious risk in your life. I have been there for my Dad’s knee replacement, Now he is no more and lost plenty of money over 10 lakhs.

      Miot is full of fake promises.

  30. karthikeyan Says:

    I have never seen before such rude doctor ( P V A Mohandas ) in my life . In my experience he is not even normal human being . First he should consult one psychologist than he can treat other patients . My kind advice DON’T GO TO MIOT hospital anywhere

  31. DR.M.MOHANDAS Says:

    Dear friend unfortunately your experience is a warning for the patients .Doctors also will have to suffer the effects of his deeds .But it will be at the end . DR.MOHANDAS .

  32. Ram Says:

    Its a worst hospital……..

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Why do people fly from abroad to india for medical treatment, does medical treatment abroad sucks?….

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Well most of the hospitals in chennai sucks, unless if u r a VIP or some person with influencial contact..

  35. Anonymous Says:

    I have been to Apollo and Malar, man they suck money from patients like any thing, and u need to have recomendation to have a successfull treatment, else no one can save u.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    Most of the hospitals in India required good influence and recommendation for treatment, else u will have to face the worst day in your life. Thats it Period.

    So people should stop whinning, and realise the fact that chennai is for rich and influencial, and not for the ordinary people.

    If u are rich and influencial u get VIP treatment, else u are fucked..

  37. Sathish Says:

    Mohan doss was a normal govt doctor. He cheated many poor people in the clinic which he leased from vijaya hospital. Later he built miot hospital. Where he got the money?My sister was kept in bed for more than a year for a normal leg fracture. Later when we consulted other orthopedics, they said it could have cured within a month. Now after becoming rich he could have sent his son on a paid education. But he got a seat from the famous MMC on the SC quota. Now his son also joined the cheating club

  38. Mesbah Uddin Says:

    I contacted for an appointment and It was Mohan Das who made a reply promising permanent cure to my neck and back pain on account of cervical spondylosis. After the reviews, I am worried- don’t know whether to go to CMC Vellore instead. Could someone please suggest!

  39. Mesbah Uddin Says:

    It is strange that one hospital claiming to of international repute should attract so much criticism from the public.

  40. RS Says:

    I got admitted for a fracture. Initially they told that it I was about to be given insulin injection though I am not diabetic. My wife told that I am not diabetic and the trainee nurse ran away. Had it been administered, I might have collapsed and the other patient who should have been given also might have collapsed. God saved us. It is really pathetic state of affairs. Dr. Barry came, enquired and shouted at the staff nurse.

    The chief should know how to behave with staff and patients. He is very rude, not fit for the noble profession. The P.R.O Ms.Punitha is also equally rude and unfit to handle the relatives of the patients.

    The hospital is totally money minded and one Dr. who did the surgery is a great gentleman. Because of such good doctors, the hospital is thriving.

    Better to avoid risking one’s life by taking treatment in the hospital.

  41. RS Says:

    Initially they said that it will cost RS. 1,25,000 and finally ended up paying RS. 1,80,000. Almost everyone who had taken treatment might have experienced the same situation of paying 50 % extra. Fortunately the insurance company agreed to pay.

    The canteen food is rotten and the patients and the attendants have no option since outside food is not allowed inside the hospital.

    None of the staff members are self motivated, may be because of fear.

    HR is very poor.

  42. rgefdg Says:


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