MIOT Chennai Horror Story [Dr PVA Mohandas]

April 28, 2010

Guest Post by Rick [UK]

My Experience at MIOT Hospital,Chennai, India

I live in the US. I came to India for avacation and I happened to have an accident. I had a herniated disc. I heard from some of my friends in India that MIOT is a pretty good orthopedic hospital and so I decided to go there.

Day 1: I met Dr.P.V.A. Mohandas; they said everyone has to meet this Doc irrespective of what the problem is. I entered the hospital and I felt an air of rudeness everywhere. I was about to pay consultation fees and I handed over my credit card. The lady at the counter kept on talking to someone over the phone and I was waiting there for 10 minutes. I was let inside the main hospital after the security verified I paid the bill!

I was waiting for 2 hours to see the doctor during when I saw a patient from UK hurling abuses at the hospital. I should have realized by then but unfortunately I didn’t.

Then I went inside, the doctor asked what my problem was and I gave him the history including my previous treatments. He literally shouted at me not to tell him about my previous treatments and just tell what theproblem is. He asked me to take the MRI and CT scans sand some blood tests. He charged me more because I came from America!

They said the blood test results will come out in 4 days. The security fixed my appointment at 10.30 AM on Saturday.

Day 2:

I came after 4 days and they said the doc will leave in 15 minutes for a conference and I have to go see him soon. They said they can’t let me in without the lab test results. I went to the lab and asked them the results and they were searching my report for almost 10 minutes. I panicked because I wanted to see the doc badly before he leaves and so was arguing with them. They said I need to learn some patience and good manners. I was shocked with that especially because the staff people do not even look like high school graduates, they are asked to that job because the hospital can pay them less. I work as an IT manager in the US with a masters degree in Computer Engineering and I was not able to tolerate these uneducated prople talking to me like that!

I was arguing with these lab technicians for some more time and this doctor happened to leave for the conference and so he came out.

He saw us there arguing and he shouted at me and my father for fighting in the hospital and he called the security guards to throw us out of the hospital. I told him it was not my fault but he didn’t listen to me. I asked him to reimburse the money I spent there. He said he cannot do that. I shouted back at him and he was standing there like an idiot. I said I will go to the court to have the money reimbursed. Unfortunately I will leave the country in a couple of days.

My only advice to people in India and foreigners is never go to MIOT hospital in Chennai, India.They might even kill you. They are dangerous people over there.

God save India from such hospitals!

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MIOT Hospitals – Is it the worst hospital EVER !?

January 3, 2008

MIOT Hospitals – Is it the worst hospital EVER !?

First – just to clarify: I don’t normally write reviews – Good or Bad. I’m not the kind who can rant about something. I don’t maintain a blog – though I did start one, but couldn’t follow the discipline of blogging regularly. Having said that, I do think writing reviews on this site should be one’s duty – esp when one is in India where consumers face hardships on a daily basis – and where companies easily take consumers for a royal ride. We get fleeced by the likes of Airtel(who doesn’t have a problem with their telco?), my car company Skoda (they charge an obnoxious amount for servicing), my builder – and so on. Still, for some reason I never thought of coming here and writing about it.

Call it procrastination.

But after my extremely bad experience with MIOT Hospitals – I said to myself – enough, is enough.

So I’m here – narrating my experience with MIOT Hospitals and warning my fellow netizens NOT to be scammed by the filthy people of MIOT Hospitals.

So – here it goes.

  • PLEASE DO NOT *EVER* GO TO MIOT Hospitals. MIOT Hospitals treated my aunt with utter callousness and caused untold trauma, anxiety and pain to her and her family members. Here are some glimpses of the kind of experience meted out to her in my presence:
  • She is an asthma patient who required a normal surgery. Her surgeon suggested MIOT Hospitals because it was quite near her house. First, MIOT Hospitals took the entire amount for the treatment from her which included a single deluxe air conditioned room – and on the day of arrival gave her A WARD ROOM IN THE BASEMENT. When we inquired about the sudden change in room status – we were first told to ’BUGGER OFF’ – YES, SOMEONE ACTUALLY SAID THE EQUIVALENT IN TAMIL – and then conveniently told us to make do with basement as their was no other room available.

TIP 1: If You’re going to get treatment in MIOT Hospitals, PLEASE MAKE SURE you do not GET BOOTED TO BASEMENT. Apparently they keep the other rooms for high paying gullible patients or clueless NRIs

  • When we wanted to complain about the treatment meted out to us – we were shown a ’complaint box’ – yes, its THAT BAD – not a person, not some manager – BUT A FREAKING COMPLAINT BOX. We were like WTF! Then we saw pamphlets from the hospital strewn around which said in as many words ’If you have a complaint, please do not contact Dr Mohan Das directly but fill your complaint in the form provided alongside the complaint box and just drop it there’. Apparently this Dr Mohan Das is the scamster running the place who doesn’t have a very good profile with the patients and doctors there. Every doctor I met there, told us off the record that Dr Mohan Das (including the one operating my aunt) pretty much puts money before human and goes to great lengths ensuring his staff extracts the most out of each patient.

After what we went through, I now agree.

  • The hospital is operated like a military camp – where relatives and visitors are meted out with the worst insults and inconvenience. More than a dozen times I saw poor relatives of injured people being shouted on and horror – horror – dragged out the premises on the pretext of being too noisy. This hospital suffers from the worse discrimination every. You can notice people of foreign origin – which I was told were from Arabia – all around.

The surgery room they show you in their marketing materials is unfortunately not the only one they have. They have quite a few another ones – DINGY ONES – that they use to operate. They used a pretty dingy operation room which looked NOTHING LIKE the ones I’d seen in their marketing stuff. Oh & the doctors on duty – are well, ALL INTERNS. One doctor from north even told me that Scamster Mohandas ensures most doctors ARE INTERNS SO THAT HE CAN SAVE A LOT OF MONEY. When on your next visit to the hospital – check out the laundry list of doctors on call and DOCTORS WHO ACTUALLY SPEND TIME THEIR. All doctors present in the hospitals – and even the ICU – are interns who have no idea about the going ons.


After the basement incident the first day, the sisters of the place had another thing coming for us. They just refused to cooperate. My aunt needed complete bed rest – so she was supposed relieve her urine and stool in bed which obviously needs non-trivial help from nurses. To my surprise and horror – the so called ’sisters’ on duty refused to cooperate and left my aunt in lurch on her own. They JUST DIDN’T SHOW UP! YES, WTF! So the attendant staying with my aunt had to do all the duties for her. What more, the nurses their had the audacity to come shout at my aunt for calling them up every time she needed help. For once, I saw PURE EVIL in the so called Florence nightingales of MIOT.

After a gruelling 6 days at HELL, my aunt was finally relieved to be at home. She swears at MIOT at every possible mention of MIOT – and so do I. Friends, if you need to get operated on in this hospital – PLEASE CHECK A THOUSAND TIMES BEFORE PUTTING YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY IN DR MOHANDAS’ PURSE.

AND FOR THE REST, PLEASE DON’T EVER THINK OF VISITING THIS PLACE. And If you do, share your bad memories here 😉

MIOT Hospitals – a horror story

December 12, 2007

MIOT Hospitals – a horror story

MIOT is situated very well – well connected by road and close to our place. That unfortunately tripped the scales in us choosing this hospital.

Our young relative (less than 5 years old) fell down at his apartment when he was playing with his sibling. We saw some swelling but dismissed this as some sprain. We started suspecting fracture when we realized that he started wailing whenever there was some movement and didn’t let anyone touch his hand.

By the time we realized that it could be a genuine fracture case, it was late in the evening. The usual hospital that we were comfortable with, the ’’Child’s Trust Hospital’’ seems to have had their numbers changed and we were not able to reach the hospital. So, we decided to go to MIOT, after all, it is reknowned to be the best for orthopaedic specialities in Chennai.

On entering MIOT a duty doctor (we think it was, Dr.Sanjay Panday) attended to the kid immediately and recommended an X-ray of the limb. The radiologist was helpful, but the doctor started handling the child a bit rough. We didn’t make it a big issue, as each doctor has his own style. The radiology assistant now told us we need a chest Xray, this puzzled us as we couldnt see any link or impact to that part of the anatomy. We did not question, assuming that the doctor knows what he is doing. Somehow in a short while the doctor decided to do with just the limb Xray and the chest Xray was postponed. While we were waiting, a cleaner lady reminded us that Chest Xray is still pending and we need to go for it after doctor’s examination.

After a brief 10 minute wait, the Xray report came out, we were not told the diagnosis. The doctor came to the waiting kid and starting asking him to raise his limb. The wailing child did not have any chance of lifting his injured limb. The doctor wouldnt give up. The crying had now reached a crescendo, this seemed to annoy the doctor further. We still did not push the doctor for the diagnosis, again we were giving him the benefit of doubt, that each doctor has own way of declaring the diagnosis. He now gave the child 5 minutes to cry and then lift his limb. The crying & wailing of the kid was still going on, the child has now started coughing a lot. By now our anxiety got better of us and we asked for the Xray report and demanded the diagnosis.

The doctor said there was a hairline crack at the limb joint. We were able to see that clearly on the Xray. This was a big relief, as we were mentally prepared for even worse injury.

We were advised to admit the Child in ICU (yes, ICU!!). The reasoning given was that the child is unco-operative and needs attention. And that the Chief – Dr. Mohandas would arrive in the morning 6:30 Am and give his diagnosis. The duty doctor had to make 3 calls to some senior (we guess) before he gave the above recommendation.

Obviously, the duty doctor did not know how to handle the situation. ICU sounded like a bit too much, but then it was well past mid-night and it looked like we did not have any other choice. We requested for a room so that the mother and father could stay with the child. This was not agreed.

We decided to take the kid back home and bring him in the morning as it was obvious nothing was going to happen in the night. Our house was close by and the child would be more comfortable at home and being close to the Mom. The doctor did not agree, and warned that the child may continue to have the pain. We requested for some relief medicines and pain killers to help through the night, but this was not given. By now, we had come to see that other business intentions were reigning supreme than helping the patient.

We decided to leave the hospital and asked for the bill. The doctor took the prescription and wrote the following declaration and demanded that we sign it before we leave the premises. Declaration went like this: ’’The condition of the patient has been explained in detail to the parents. Patient advised to get admitted in the ICU. The parents refused to admit …’’. Obviously, we refused to sign. However, paid the money of Rs. 450 promptly for the service and came out. A bill was refused reasoning that the bill book was not available in the night!

In the meantime, one of our relatives was able to get through to ’’Child’s Trust Hospital’’. They said they did not have an Orthopeadic on premises but will be able to get one into the hospital, if required. This was good news.

Child’s Trust Hospital was 30 minutes drive away but took very good care of the child. There was a duty doctor who was a paediatrician, but was able to the get the Ortho specialist very soon into the hospital. They used the same Xray which was taken at MIOT, and did not insist on putting the Child through another round of Xray. While waiting for the Ortho, the paediatrician administered some relief medicines to the Child to make him comfortable. The ortho showed up in no time and diagnosed the problem immediately. He then deftly put a good plaster dressing for the whole limb. The doctor and the entire supporting crew were very courteous to the kid. The child was wailing & screaming with pain while doing the plastering, but the doctors were very understanding. Within 10 min of the plaster the child started feeling really better. The plaster will be removed in 5 days time, when the swelling will reduce and will be replaced by another light bandage which will have to be worn for the next 4 weeks.

The doctor adviced that there is no need to admit him into the hospital and sent us back home with some medicines. We reached home at 2 AM with a smiling child.

PS: On the balance, MIOT is very good for complex fractures, they are probably good in bone joining with plates, we saw some complicated cases being handled by them well during some previous visit.s You will have to ignore their irresistible temptation to help themselves to your purse unabashedly.

Other drawbacks at the hospital:
* Even the smallest case is diagnosed by the Chief doctor, so the average wait can be upto 3 hours for out patients. Most of the diagnosis made by the Chief (Dr. Mohandas) will be in split seconds, one is not sure whether he used all facts when he makes the diagnosis. Wonder why the other senior Doctors should not be doing the diagnosis of minor cases?
* Xray/MRIs/Other Test results no matter how recent they are, will all have to be taken again at MIOT
*We came across quite a few **doctors** who appeared to be interns. Some of the *nurses* there are infact 1st semester Nursing students!!

Disclaimer: All of the above are based purely on our personal experiences and perceptions. Please use your own discretion before trying MIOT.

What is MIOT

November 22, 2007

Want to look for reviews on MIOT ? Thinking of going for a checkup at MIOT ? Don’t !

MIOT is a hospital in Chennai(India) infamous for fleecing people off their money and providing atrociously horrible service and care for helpless patients who choose to go there.

This blog is an attempt to serve as a warning for those who care to do a google search on MIOT before getting a treatment there. All articles here have been posted directly from www.mouthshut.com (assuming there are no site violations). Please visit do www.mouthshut.com (give them adequate due & ad revenues 🙂 ) for further reading on how an amazingly bad hospital run by scamsters can survive in a city like chennai just on the basis of good Media PR and a shrewd ad strategy.